Most people think of religion as a scale.  All of the bad things you’ve ever done sit on one side, and all your good on the other.  Life’s goal is to load enough good things on your scale so that when you die, it leans in the right direction.  They think they’ll be safe for the next world, as long as they can get those scales tilted right.

But the Bible teaches that this view is wrong.  God says that we could never tilt the scales enough to be found acceptable by him. The Bible says “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  And “there is none righteous, no not one.”  Every one of us fails the test!

But because God loves us so much, he gives us another solution. God says that we can accept what his Son Jesus did in dying on a cross for our sin, paying for every bad deed we have ever committed and will ever commit. Then, by the power of his love, we’ll be accepted by him and spend all of eternity by his side.

Think about this just a minute.

Jesus paid it all. All your sins for all time have been dealt with on the cross. Every sin you have committed in the past or will ever commit in the future has been paid for on that cross. All of God’s wrath and punishment for your sins was inflicted on Jesus. You have no penalty left to pay. You are free of guilt, free of any wrath, free of the law. All the rules and regulations were fulfilled by Jesus during his life. Every sin – even those you haven’t committed yet—are already dealt with on the cross.

Wow!  Does that mean you can do anything you want, just keep on sinning because God’s grace will cover it? Shall we go on sinning? By no means.

When you became a Christian, Jesus gave you a new “heart” by placing his Holy Spirit within you.  We aren’t separated from God anymore – he is inside us!  You can dialogue with him all day, every day.  And you can hear his voice if you listen in your conscience.  Just start doing it.  Have faith that he will hear your every word and will answer when you ask him.  You do this by FAITH.

Faith is believing and acting like God is telling the truth.