The Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 10-28

(Berean Standard Bible)
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Our series on Acts now becomes a self study for you.
Continue in Acts Chapter 10, and try to read at least a chapter a week using the links below.

Here is an easy list of links for you:

Acts 10 The Preaching of Peter

Acts 11 The Plea of Peter

Acts 12 The Christians Persecuted by Herod

Acts 13 The First Missionary Journey

Acts 14 The Return to Antioch

Acts 15 The Council of Jerusalem

Acts 16 The Second Missionary Journey

Acts 17 Work at Thessalonica, Berea & Athens

Acts 18 Ministry at Corinth

Acts 19 The Third Missionary Journey

Acts 20 Greece

Acts 21 From Miletus to Caesarea

Acts 22 Paul’s Arrest and Defense

Acts 23 Paul Escorted to Caesarea

Acts 24 Paul’s Defense before Felix

Acts 25 Paul’s Defense before Festus

Acts 26 Paul’s Defense before Agrippa

Acts 27 Paul’s Voyage and Shipwreck

Acts 28 Paul in Malta and on to Rome


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