When you commit to putting yourself under Jesus’ care, he indwells you by his Holy Spirit. This is something which is hard to explain, but the living Jesus starts to change you and communicate with you through your spirit (your conscience comes alive). It’s very comfortable.

Communicating with God then becomes a continuing process, not like the formal prayers you hear in church. The Spirit makes you aware of others’ needs around you, gives you direction on the choices you make, gives you power to resist the old habits you fall into and comforts you when you’re feeling down. When you are in-sync with the Spirit, there is a peace and joy in your life which is hard to explain.

I sometimes think that before I knew Jesus, there was a hole in my heart that made me feel empty and sometimes angry. Jesus plugged that hole with his own presence. Now I feel completed, confident and purposeful.

My daily adventure is to communicate with him (and pay attention) before I do things and open my big mouth. When I do thing his way, the results are far better and my relationships with others is so much more positive. Trying to do thing for Jesus doesn’t work. But letting him do things with me and through me works wonderfully.

That’s the message of this website–that we are called to be free in Christ. Free from religious “duty,” free from all those religious rules and regulations and tasks, free to be the people God created us to be. I don’t follow rules anymore. I follow Jesus. He guides me into loving God and loving othersĀ as we go throughout our day together.

Sure I fail to follow his direction sometimes, but he doesn’t condemn me. His patience and love for me are constant. That’s why I say being a Christian is being in relationship with him. The Gospel is so simple, most people miss it.

Ask (in earnest prayer) the living God what you should do. He will hear you. He is there for you, and wants to establish a relationship on his terms (which is Jesus).